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"When David took over Repco Marine in 2001 we came with it as a package, and have not regretted staying with Repco for one second. It is very important for us to have first class service and people to rely on when it comes to boating.

"Repco is always just a phone call away. I cannot remember the last time when we had a problem and Repco did not come to our rescue the same day, usually within one or two hours.

"The way they go about their work is exactly how you would expect from a professional outfit. The  engineers always take their shoes off before boarding a vessel. They also carry clean laundered cloths to wipe any surfaces after working, leaving your boat in the way they found it.

"All the office staff give excellent service. 99 times out of 100 they even recognise your voice when you call and they will always find the person you want to speak to. Dani Leman is the most helpful person that you can meet. She runs the yard in a very efficient and calm manner, and is always available to talk to. David is someone who will argue your case from a point of view of real knowledge, if ever there is an argument over anything at all to do with your boat builder or engine manufacturer.

"The winter storage on offer is second to none, and in my opinion, dealing with Repco Marine you always get what you pay for."

John Dowling
Owner of a Hunton 37’