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"I purchased my boat in the UK in 2013; the previous owner had fallen out of love with her, I was desperate to send the boat over to St Tropez to use for the summer, so the boat was transported to France where it arrived with a string of faults. Repco were recommended to me from the guys in Southampton, I made contact with them as soon as I arrived and they have carried out all repairs required for a fair price and their work is spot on. It's reassuring to know they are a professional firm on hand to keep an eye on things when I'm not there.

"As we all know, boats need looking after and I'm very confident that my boat is in very safe hands. I have found Repco to be very fair, professional and very accommodating and I would recommend anyone with a boat in the area to have a chat to them."

Steven Cosgrove
Owner of a Fairline Phantom 50’

"It was in summer 2009 when I first met David Varley of Repco Marine, having just become the proud owner of a beautiful motor yacht in Cogolin marina.

"Getting to know David and his team was an amazing piece of luck since I also got to know someone providing nothing less than outstanding service which I will never want to do without again. Relying on Repco Marine’s service, I can relax and enjoy my sparse leisure time without having to worry.

"The service fully meets my expectations as I have always found my boat impeccably clean inside and outside.  Minor repairs and maintenance work are invariably dealt with immediately and to my full satisfaction and I can always rest assured that someone will be available at Repco Marine at any time making my leisure time on board the boat particularly relaxing and enjoyable.

"I would like to especially emphasize the confidential and amicable atmosphere of our partnership.

"I am happy that David Varley, Dani Leman and their whole team are there for me and it is with great pleasure that I recommend Repco Marine."

Gerhard Jiricek
Owner of a Windy 44’

"When David took over Repco Marine in 2001 we came with it as a package, and have not regretted staying with Repco for one second. It is very important for us to have first class service and people to rely on when it comes to boating.

"Repco is always just a phone call away. I cannot remember the last time when we had a problem and Repco did not come to our rescue the same day, usually within one or two hours.

"The way they go about their work is exactly how you would expect from a professional outfit. The  engineers always take their shoes off before boarding a vessel. They also carry clean laundered cloths to wipe any surfaces after working, leaving your boat in the way they found it.

"All the office staff give excellent service. 99 times out of 100 they even recognise your voice when you call and they will always find the person you want to speak to. Dani Leman is the most helpful person that you can meet. She runs the yard in a very efficient and calm manner, and is always available to talk to. David is someone who will argue your case from a point of view of real knowledge, if ever there is an argument over anything at all to do with your boat builder or engine manufacturer.

"The winter storage on offer is second to none, and in my opinion, dealing with Repco Marine you always get what you pay for."

John Dowling
Owner of a Hunton 37’

"Since many many years I stay with Repco Marine. They are always reliable friendly helpful and in time.  Of course I had in the past (like every boat owner) problems with my boat. Repco Marine were able to fix all of them - especially some warranty problems.  Thanks again for that.

"There is no other company in this area who can do this in time and good quality. I am located in summertime in Port Grimaud since 1986 and I had all over the years several Boat Service Companies before I switch over to Repco Marine. That means I know what I am talking about."

Michael Boebel
Owner of an Airon Marine 345

"I first met David Varley in 2004 when he was looking after two friend's boats in Port Grimaud and found him to be very approachable and when we came to looking for a suitable new boat in both 2004 and 2007 his advice was very helpful in making our decision as to what boat to get.

"Since then I have found both David and the staff at Repco Marine invaluable in both advice, looking after the boat during our periods of absence and maintaining it.  David has been our 4th emergency service as he has always been on the end of a phone if I have needed an answer to a question or problem in a hurry.  I could not imagine boating without this source of back up and help and would highly recommend David and Repco Marine to anyone looking to base a boat in the Gulf of St Tropez."

Trevor Pothecary
Owner of a Princess V65

"My wife and I have been satisfied customers of both Repco Marine and Villas for many years. We have always found the company’s staff reliable, professional and courteous. The whole company is a pleasure to deal with and we would not hesitate to recommend them."

David Hufton
Owner of Grand Banks 46, Windy Oceancraft 845 and a Searay 170.

"Repco have looked after yachts for us in Port Grimaud for over 10 years and also our house there, which we bought 6 years ago. They have provided excellent service both in ensuring the boat is gleaming and ready to go when we arrive and in looking after her during the winter storms. Particularly impressive is their knowledge and understanding of the complex systems on a modern Swan and the ability to fix problems quickly so we do not lose time on the water. They have also serviced our RIB and again proved very adept at dealing with problems. They have provided excellent all round advice on the boats and on the moorings and workings of Port Grimaud and I have no hesitation in recommending David, Dani and the team at Repco."

Andrew Allner
Owner of a Swan 53’

"I have been fortunate to have summered and boated these past 23 years in delightful Port Grimaud. David Varley and Dani and the multi skilled team at Repco have kindly looked after my various boats. Indeed David was instrumental in recommending my latest proud possession, STALWART.

"STALWART had lain at her moorings for several years as she sought a new owner. She was barely run in - (but needing some serious TLC). Repco carefully specified major overhauls of the baby CATS (as David persisted in calling the two huge 7.1 litre 'lumps'). Additionally, the hull was sandblasted and repainted, the props drawn and seals changed and the whole boat polished back to her original prime.

"All was accomplished on time and to budget and with great courtesy and enthusiasm. Repco continue to look after STALWART as she busily fulfills a long-term family dream."

Mark Fisher         
Owner of a Mainship Trawler 46’

"Anyone who has experience maintaining a boat will know how difficult and time consuming it can be. All my boats, new, old, good and bad quality, have always needed work and maintenance and there is no doubt the more experienced the technician the sooner my boat is fixed and I am happy. With Repco I have only ever had a quick and reliable service with good explanations of what the problem was and what fixed it. I can't recommend them enough for a thorough and honest job of maintaining boats, especially in the harsh environment of the South of France."

William Parton
Goldfish Agent

"Repco Marine conducted a complete refit of our 17 metre, Ocean Alexander trawler yacht Cape Farewell in the winter of 2007. The work included removing and completely rebuilding both Caterpillar engines, the 15 kw generator, refurbishing or replacing all the air-conditioning units, the fresh water heater tanks and the battery banks as well as completely repainting the hull and the upper-works. This refit was personally superintended through out by Repco's Managing Director, David Varley, and was carried out to an exemplary standard and to my entire satisfaction. Repco maintained and looked after our yacht for four years without any problems or complaints. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent service we received during that time."

David Arnold
MA, LLB(Hons), Extra Master Mariner

"I have been a client of Repco for around 7 years and have never been anything other than completely satisfied with the service I have received. David and his team provide a friendly, efficient and professional service and, most importantly, if I have needed anything doing during ‘the season’ they have always provided a fast response service. They have always made me feel that looking after me and my boat is important to them and I would have no hesitation in recommending Repco to any boat owner, and particularly ones like me who just want to arrive at the boat, turn the ignition key, and go enjoy it”

Max Crosland
Owner of a Windy 28

"Repco have looked after, serviced and managed our boats for 10 years and we have always known that we would arrive to find them well cared for, regardless of the weather. They have always responded with a calming mixture of urgency and ease whenever there has been a problem. We have always found them to be very approachable personable and willing to help."

Chris Williams
Owner of Sunseeker Camargue 50